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Anybody aware of a nationwide Organics shortage?

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I just went grocery shopping tonight - just to our HEB, not organic food store - and they were completely cleaned out of milk, eggs, yogurt and cream. There was a sign on the shelves saying it was because of a nationwide shortage.


I've found nothing on the internet explaining it...anyone know what's going on? Weather? Some new govt regulation?


Just curious.

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Its got to be a good thing, hopefully, though- although prices may go up- at least it might encourage farmers to go organic?

Our organic fruit and veg grocers at the markets frequently run out of food by Sunday- they are only there Friday to Sunday and its best to go on Friday to get the range.

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Hmmm, the only place I've seen this is at HEB too (on their eggs, not the milk). My local Randall's and WalMart are completely stocked with organic dairy.


Hmm. I wonder what's going on with them, then. I haven't been to Randalls as yet...or Sprouts (I rarely get to Whole Foods) but I wondered if they're running, low as well. It seems like the natural/organic stores would have first dibs on the produce. IDK.

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