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I need recipes/ideas - please help :)

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Okay, there might be something for everyone on in this thread. ;) I'm looking for ideas for the following:


1. Nightshade family sensitivity/allergy - anyone out there that avoids the nightshade family with ideas for meals? Dairy free would be a huge plus (I can usually work around gluten more easily than dairy), but even just some good, solid meal ideas or recipes omitting the nightshade family would be awesome. :D


2. Gluten free flour - anyone out there mix your own gluten free flour? I need to avoid potato starch, which seems to be in every GF flour mix on the market, as well as in our favorite bread. :( (The boys and dh can still eat it, but I can't because dd can't.) I'm looking for a good, tried & true GF flour blend that I can sub a different starch for potato starch so I can make our own bread, pancakes, etc.


3. Mayonnaise - anyone have a *good* mayo recipe? I tried one today and it tasted rather nasty (and way too much like straight olive oil). It seems most commercial mayo's have paprika in their "spices" or "natural flavors" and unless by some miracle Best Foods gets back to me and convinces me it's clean of the nightshade family, it's out. :( I can do without ketchup and BBQ sauce, but would love to make my own mayo. :)


Any and all help would be very much appreciated. :D

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