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LOF sequence? Which would go well with MUS Pre-Algebra?

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Guest Cheryl in SoCal
Don't forget he's coming out with Pre-Algebra with Physics this year!


I have to admit, I adore listening to Fred talk about math, plus whatever other subject he has his little heart set on.

No, he isn't. He has put Pre-Algebra with Physics on hold to work on a series for elementary children.

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Guest Cheryl in SoCal
I see a


Pre-Algebra w/Biology


Pre-Algebra w/Economics


Beginning Algebra


Beginning Algebra Companion


Advanced Algebra


Advanced Algebra Companion


Are all of the above required to complete LoF Algebra? In the sequence listed?


Then comes Geometry?



MUS I believe does




Algebra 1




Algebra 2

I use LoF about a year behind MUS so my children are introduced to the concepts in MUS and then the concepts are expanded on the next year in LoF. My schedule looks something like this:


MUS Pre-Algebra - LoF Decimals & Percents

MUS Algebra 1 - LoF Pre-Algebra with Biology & LoF Pre-Algebra with Economics

MUS Algebra 2 - LoF Beginning Algebra

MUS Geometry - LoF Advanced Algebra

MUS Pre-Calculus - LoF Geometry

etc, etc, etc


I like it because the learning is extended over more than one year. I also like the Algebra 1, Algebra 2, Geometry sequence that the author of LoF uses and since the student is doing LoF Advance Algebra at the same time he is doing MUS Geometry his/her Algebra skills are expanded instead of forgotten so they begin Pre-Calculus well prepared (more so in my opinion than if they had taken just a 1 year Algebra 2 course because they have been working with Algebra 2 over 2 years).


LoF Statistics can be done as a separate course anytime after Algebra 1.

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