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Has anyone ordered from Athleta? What do you think of their clothes?


I've always eyed some of their dresses and skirts because they look like very compatible to my running after kids lifestyle.


I have a $50 gift cert. burning a hole in my pocket. DH told me to *not* buy a home school item, but to spend it on me. ;)

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Have tons of their stuff and every time I wear something from them, I get a compliment. There are some nice skirts you can get in that price range.


Tops are little trickier. If you peek at coach page (link is in my sig, RockinASkirt), scroll around and you'll see a pic of me wearing one of their shirts (in a size Small)

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I love their stuff! I think it may run a tad big, meaning I can wear a size small top from them, but rarely from anywhere else. I have found their measurement guides to be helpful.


Most of the Athleta items I have were purchased before Athleta was bought by the Gap companies. I have expected their quality to decline, but I'm hoping that is not the case. I am happy to see they have free shipping now with a $50 purchase. They used to NEVER have free shipping and their shipping was high, so this is a nice change.


My favorite items from Athleta just happen to be dresses and skirts, I love that they are comfy and can be worn casually, but can also be dressed up. And their yoga clothes are TDF!


Let us know if you get something! :)

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