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Help me find a fit for us... 1st grader and 3 pre-kers


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Hi there!

We have a somewhat unique situation.

Next fall I will have a first grader and 3 pre-schoolers ( a 3, 3.5 and 4 yo)

I might also mention a 1 yo.


But, I am having to totally re-evaluate my plans with the addition of the 3.5 yo and 1 yo to our family.


The 3.5 yo will not speak english to begin with, but I do just want to include him in all we do, because I figure that will be the best way for him to learn... and I am sure that it won't take long for him to catch on either.


So, I have a plan and found good stuff for everything except our Core... history, lit and that kind of stuff.


I want to find something that we can all do together... this is SUPER important to me.


The lit. needs to keep little ones attention, but also teach our big girl the things she needs to know. (And all I intend for the little ones to do is listen to the reading part).


I would like it to be American History, but I would take other considerations.


I have thought of Beautiful Feet's Am. History program... it seems to be good primary level literature that would probably interest the little ones... but I don't know, because I haven't used it either.


Any thoughts?


I have also considered HOD... but I don't need all the other stuff... and it seems like they are "text books" which doesn't really interest me.

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I was going to suggest HOD. The "textbooks" scared me off from using it years ago. I gave it another look last summer and I'm glad I did. We're using Beyond, but I imagine LHFHG is very similar. Our readings are very short and it doesn't feel "textbookish" at all. They love reading the science text because it relates to their science activity and is filled with pictures. For Beyond, our history texts are more like readers/chapter books than traditional textbooks.


I wouldn't want to use the books like Christian Liberty has them set up, but HOD does a great job with making them fun and engaging.

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Have you looked at Five in a Row? This is a literature-based curriculum--you read the same book five days in a row and do all kinds of activities to spin off the book--geography, art, science, etc. Then you could have additional phonics and math programs for the 1st grader, maybe some letter practice for the preschoolers, incorporate outside/nature activities, and done.

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I used BF Primary Am. History with a 1st grader and two 3yo's and they all LOVED it. The twins still like to talk about Abraham Lincoln and they all memorized the Preamble and still love to say it! :)


BF uses a lot of the D'Aulaire's beautiful books with amazing artwork and I would often scan and print these pictures for the younger's to color while I was reading. All in all, it was a great success.


I have heard great things about HOD too, I just haven't used it personally.


Hope that helps a bit!

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Thanks very helpful.


HOD - I will keep checking it out... I do know what I want to do for all other subjects, so I don't know if it is a good fit for us.


FIAR - Yeah, not for me... We've tried it. :-)


BF - Joy, that is exactly what I needed. The lit is what attracted me... I think it would be good for our little ones, then my big girl and I can do the journal type stuff.


Ambleside and the other - I'll check that out! Good idea...


Thanks ladies! SO helpful!

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Have you looked at Sonlight Core K? This is for ages 5, 6 & 7. It is not American History, it is more of a brief overall world history. The literature selections are WONDERFUL!!! I'm doing this currently with my 1st grader, K4 and 3 yr old. My older two love to sit and listen to all of it and ask for it daily. My 3 yr old enjoys the literature and poetry, he loses some interest in the history and bible.

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Have you looked at Sonlight Core K? ... The literature selections are WONDERFUL!!!




And you can always add do a few things with just your five year old while the others are napping, etc.


Note: Sonlight doesn't feel like school, but your kids will learn if you read to them. I would read the reasons NOT to buy Sonlight on their website. It wouldn't work for everyone... But, I used their Core P4-5 with my daughter for Kindergarten and it worked for that time in our lives. I had just had a baby, etc.


Good luck. :001_smile:

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