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Off to the George Washington Birthnight Ball at Mt. V

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Every year we get invited b/c dh is the Unofficial Chaplain of Mt. Vernon. :D


Every year, I lament my lack of a dress/feel gross about dressing up.


Last year, y'all were so kind and helpful, and I had a wonderful time.


This is the first year I really don't care--I'm going to wear the same dress as I usually do, do my hair, slap on a "face," and be happy about

1. Spending time with dh, and

2. Spending time with my dear friend, Anne, who is 84 and a tremendous blessing.


Life's too short, kwim?


Have you changed your attitude about anything that you used to dread/complain about?

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Wow, that sounds like fun! I used to worry about what other people would think of how I looked, but now I only care about how I feel about how I look (and maybe dh!) and that I am comfortable. One of the advantages of being older.


Have fun!!


:iagree:THIS is my attitude now -- I began thinking this way at some point the past few months. It IS very free-ing!

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Hope it was a wonderful time!!!


I have decided to let my hair go grey. The greys no longer take color and my natural color is fading. I talked to dh and he encouraged me to act my age, or at least my hair. I was inspired by Doran and Julie who have beautiful grey curly/wavy hair.

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