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Photography curriculum for grammar stage?


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The Amanda Bennett Unit Study on Digital Photography is a good intro. It has two or three levels of work (can't remember right now) so it would work for a 9yo. Dd16 is reading Understanding Exposure right now but it may be a bit intimidating for a 9yo.

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Yeah, I might agree that the book is too advanced for a 9 year old. I was intimidated but forced myself to get through it all a few years ago. Once you start, it's amazing though.


I used to run a photography website for the huge mass of people getting DSLRs and learning photography, catered to mamas. I listed links to great sites that had free lessons, but I took down my site and can't remember them now.


Here's a few links to get started that I found by googling. The first one I do remember as one people loved.




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