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Math Mammoth sale - question

Wee Pip

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I want to purchase the blue series and there is a 20% off sale now. There's another sale through Homeschool Buyers Co-op in March. Does anyone know if this includes the blue series (my email said bundle sets), and what the price range typically is for this sale? I'm just wondering if I should buy now or wait until March. Thanks!

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posted in a hurry (kids!) and my wording was weird
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I hope someone else chimes in, but I do remember the big HSBC 40% off sale last year. All kinds of packages were offered. I remember having difficulty choosing because I already bought Light Blue 1A/B and they had packages for all 6 years of Blue or Light Blue, plus their new Orange and other packages they offer. I see this year they added new packages for Year 1-3 and 3-6, so that will help me avoid buying Year 1 again and still getting an additional discount savings.


I'm positive it will hit 40%. Enough people are talking about it, and it's a very popular and inexpensive program that works for many families.

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