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Detroit Symphony Orchestra officially ends 2010/2011 season due to strike. I'm sad

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I love the DSO. I've taken piano students, band students, etc. to concerts, the entire advanced band at the private school has gone with me to their Youth concerts and when my kids were little, we went to tiny tot concerts. Maestro Wilkins was sooooo good with children back in the day!


The musicians and management couldn't reach an agreement. I do know that financially, things are very, very precarious in Detroit and the arts are struggling BIG TIME. But, from a musician's standpoint, the 35-50 % pay cut that some of them were asked to take, was enough to make it not worth playing for that orchestra anymore. When one can make more teaching students and classes at the univeristy, it doesn't make it worth while to rehearse yourself into the ground 60 hours per week and then perform three major concerts nearly every weekend plus the young people's concerts on Saturday mornings and the Tiny Tot series on Friday mornings plus their volunteer time in the local schools and free lessons to underprivileged but very talented kids.


It's just sad that there wasn't enough money to meet somewhere in the middle. The best of them will move on to other orchestras in areas not so hard hit, some will retire and take up a little teaching here and there, master classes, and guest performing. So, rebuilding the orchestra if the money is ever there, won't be easy.


It's a sad day. But, the Michigan economy s*cks so badly that it's a bit mind boggling at times. The DIA had to institute price increases for admission and of course, that's going to keep some families from going. I don't know how the Space Museum is going, I did hear through the grapevine - so I'm not certain how reliable the information is - that Green Field Village and Henry Ford Museum are hurting too. It wouldn't surprise me. I hope the Ford family is willing to make larger contributions to keep it spinning. Price increases for admission would not be good. It costs a family of four $100.00 for a day at the Village.


Oh well...just a sad little vent. It's happening everywhere, but the DSO is extra dear to my heart so I'm a little sadder than usual over the economic situation.



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It is truly disappointing. Unfortunately, professional orchestras are hurting nationwide. My sister-in-law and brother-in-law are both professional musicians in Charleston, SC. I can't tell you how many times they have had to take pay cuts, go on furlough, or have been on strike in the past ten years. The bottom line is most people aren't willing to shell out a lot of money for tickets to their events in difficult financial times.

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I feel your pain. When we lived on Oahu, we bought season tickets to the Symphony there and shortly after paying for our tickets, found out they declared bankruptcy :( We were sad about the loss of all the money we paid, but especially for all the beautiful concerts, and the loss of the Symphony to the island. Such a huge loss. We are in San Diego now and LOVE the Symphony here. They do a family series of concerts and they are phenomenal. I would be devastated at this point if they went under. I never went to a Symphony until I had children, but I feel like I'm giving a gift to my children in taking them. We are also lucky to have gotten reasonable discounts because of military and/or homeschooling. I do love going to the Symphony!

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