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7 year old boy, 1st grade, MC4+, MCT Island


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Spiders have an interesting way of getting around. When spiders make their web they use wind to attach the first thread. Some spiders use the wind to travel. Many spiders can travel 200 miles, or even over an ocean using the wind. If the spider travels in the wind it has no control of the thread, so the spider has to hope that the place where the wind is taking it is a good place. They have to trust the wind and God.


Snowy Day

MCT Island Poem


It was the morning of a fantastic day,

but when I looked out the window the sun faded away.

I stayed in my room

until I heard a boom!


I tried to see what it was, but I could not see anything out in the snow, except a crow.

I looked outside and the crow

was throwing snow balls at my window.


I opened my window, and then when I peeked out my head,

he hit me with a snow ball instead!



My ds7 definitely enjoys writing about 'just the facts ma'am' more than he enjoys creative writing. ;-) This year we have been using a mixture of WWE1, Writing Tales 1, MC4+, and MCT Island so he gets weekly practice in writing. He is mostly along for the ride since I am also hsing his older dd. I know he is getting a lot more formal writing practice than most 1st graders would, so we try to simplify things for him as we go. I am vacillating between IEW SWI-A, more MC or Writing Tales 2 for next year. It is like standing in front of the tooth paste aisle ... too many choices!

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Thank you both. It's been fun seeing how far both kids have come since the beginning of the school year. I recently looked at the first narrations they did in history as compared to one last week and it was AMAZING! It's like having them grow before your eyes, but you don't actually see it, until you see a picture. ;-) We'll keep plugging away at this though. Thanks for your encouragement.

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