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My kids love FLL (*shocked face*)


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I got it on impulse. I figured since nothing else was working, I might as well give it a try. It ROCKS.


They memorized the caterpillar poem in no time at all. They're having fun. They like that the lessons are short, even though we do two at a time. It's not boring like I feared. It's repetitive, but my girls like that because they feel like hot stuff when they know the answers already. :001_smile: Plus, after talking with DH, I'm convinced that over-learning is the way to go with the basics.


Thank you, Jessie Wise :grouphug:


Oh, and I went ahead and started SOTW 1 w/ AG ... reluctantly. Again, I thought it looked good but was convinced that my girls would *hate* it. I was so very wrong.


Thank you, Susan Wise Bauer :grouphug:


I think I'm done gushing now. I've already posted elsewhere how fabulous I think WWE (Complete Writer) is. :001_smile:

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Oh, you're using FLL 1/2. My kids really like it too- especially the poetry selections. We don't use the older levels of FLL but 1/2 is enjoyed so much here that it's going to stay to be used with all the kiddos. (unless I switch everything over to PR :leaving:) I use the two books and like it a lot better than the first version.

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We do ours in the car a lot of times.


We review the memory work and definitions while we drive. I made a list of the titles of everything we've memorized this year and we recite them together.


So far we have:

The Caterpillar



Ten Commandments

23rd Psalm

Books of OT


Proper noun


II Tim 3:16-17

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I was also shocked at how much my son has liked FLL. We do everything orally, and I think he likes that part of it. We were using Easy Grammar before that, and I think it bored him. My DD loves listening in, and has memorized some poems, too. She always wants to do what big bro is doing. :001_smile:

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I totally understand. My oldest did workbooks and I was seeing that my son needed something else and I just wanted to make myself be more involved. My kids love FLL and I love the poetry memorization too. My son will hear the authors names at random times and recognize them and the poem of theirs that he learned and he always looks so happy about it. My younger daughter listens in and sometimes helps him when he forgets a part and I tell her that she is going to have it easier than her brother because she will have had exposure to the material already. I'll be holding on to it for the next little one. For this age it is the epitome of learning should be fun!(For us at least.) :lol:

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A true poem highlight from FLL for our kids is "The Goops". I'm guessing they'll remember it their entire lives.


Hope you enjoy memorizing the preposition list in FLL 2 more than we (I) did though. ;)


Erica in OR


The Goops they lick their fingers

and the Goops they like their knives.

They spill their broth on the tablecloth.

Oh, they lead disgusting lives! :D

(And no, I didn't look it up... I have it memorized...)


We love FLL 1 and 2 here, too. Eveyone knows The Caterpillar poem. We periodically have a poetry recitation in which all three hs'ed kids choose a poem to recite and the rest of us are the audience.

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