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If you have a dishwasher that works (non human kind) how old is it?

How old is your working (non human) dishwasher?  

  1. 1. How old is your working (non human) dishwasher?

    • Less than 5 years old
    • 5-10 years old
    • 11-12 years old
    • 13-14 years old
    • 15-16 years old
    • 17-18 years old
    • 19-20 years old
    • Older than 20 years

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I voted less than 5 years because we replaced a 7 year old Kitchen Aid last week. It had several issues with minor parts but was still working until the control board caught fire last week. [i should add that the failure may have been due to our plumbing saga caused by the unusually cold weather.] Before that we had an old GE (installed in 1988) which required new pumps about every 5 years. The last time the pump went out we upgraded partly because hard water had taken a toll on the interior.


Based on what I've seen about current price vs. durability issues, we did not replace our latest with an equivalent model. If the interior is in good shape, and you can still get replacement parts you might consider patching it up. IMO, the basics have been cheapened in favor of bells and whistles. We just sold MIL's house containing a Kitchen Aid from the 1980's; I wish it was still possible to get one like hers. It had required only minor repairs and the porcelain interior--and everything else still looked new. It was a portable which had been plumbed into the space where the washer used to sit or I'd have switched it out and kept it. Newer models use less water, but the way they break down means more junk in the landfill. Washing dishes by hand isn't all that bad; when this one goes I may replace it with the people model. Rant over, and probably more than you wanted to know.

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We just replaced ours. We had a Kenmore that never worked properly - I was actually happy when it started leaking. We did have it over 10 years, though, but I pretty much hated it from day 1 (stupid Consumer Reports and their irrational love-affair with cheap Kenmore appliances..._) We now have a Kitchen Aid that I like much better, but it's not more than a year old...

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We just replaced our 1989 Whirlpool last year. Though we felt it wasn't working up to pace, our home warranty service insisted that it was working just fine :glare: so we replaced it ourselves. (Side note/PSA: We've learned never to purchase a home warranty again from a series of identical situations... not worth it!)

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We replaced our dishwasher about 3 or 4 years ago. The old one came with the house and was 7 or 8 years old but we got a notice of a major recall due to fires so they gave us $75 towards a new one or a free fix.


Since we also had our fridge (20 years old) and our stove (20 years old) go out at the same time, we just replaced all 3 at once.


We LOVE our dishwasher. It is the same one we put in our last house/remodel in CA.....a Bosch.



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