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Biology question

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Hi there. I'm wondering what the requirements are for a high school biology lab in order to issue a credit for transcript purposes. I'm sort of piecing together a course for my non-science kid, and am stumped about the lab component, which I know is a requirement. Do I just get a dissection kit? Is there anything else?



-Gina P.

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Hi Gina,


I just want to recommend you NOT short-change the biology lab portion -- whether you do Apologia, LabPaq or something else -- if you are going to give a credit for it then make it really worth it. My sci teacher brought in sheep pluck (heart + lung), cow eyes, etcetera so there are ways you can do it cheaper but I really recommend the all-together kits to actually make you feel satisfied when it is all said and done. Go for it!


Kristin in Hawaii

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I'm using Giancoli's Physics with PK-S. My dd and my other student will both be taking the AP Physics B test in May.



I'm planning to use Introductory Chemistry by Nivaldo Tro with CK-101. This is not for AP, but the text I am planning to use is often used for Honors courses.


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