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Wisdom from the high school board

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If you find yourself caught up in planning for next year and beyond, may I suggest a read through this thread. http://www.welltrainedmind.com/forums/showthread.php?p=2445201#post2445201

Great questions, great answers, and Janice's advice in post #9 just blew me away.


Thanks, Paula! I would never have seen this for myself since I don't get to the high school board much. I'm completely *not* ready for my oldest to be nearing high school. :willy_nilly:

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We know that the best one[curriculum/program] is the one that YOU have the potential, the time, the understanding, and the ability to WORK WITH at your house. Everything else will just end up being a black hole for your resources (time, money, enthusiasm, and talent).


Enjoy your little people

Enjoy your journey


This is what I got out of Janice's post. In general I strive to do that every year, but it's good to be reminded again and again especially during the planning stage when we all mull over what to include and what to let go.

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