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Dr. Hive...question for you.

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My 6yo dd has not been herself this week. We have all been sick off and on for 3 weeks. She got the bug, but wasn't as sick as others - fever for a day or so and a cough, but not terrible like some of the others.


This week she has come home from school and slept all afternoon/evening every day. She complains that her head and neck hurts, but she can touch her chin to her chest and she doesn't have a fever (so I don't think it is meningitis.)


A little while ago she came to me and said that her brain was moving too fast. When I asked her to describe what she meant, she said it was moving really fast and making her feel like she had to get out of here. She was really freaked out.


She is fine now, but still complaining of a headache. Her teacher said that she has been complaining all week that she didn't feel very good and been fairly grumpy. I would agree - she snapped at me to, "Pay attention!!!" just a minute ago. This is not a child who is that way at all.


Any ideas? She is without a doctor presently because her new Primary Care was assigned Feb. 1st and she isn't established there yet. (Can't call her old doctor because he is no longer her primary - screwy insurance issue.)

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Is she not sleeping good at night? It would certainly explain why she's cranky and feeling anxious, and why she's sleeping so much during the day. Head and neck pain are quite common if you're stressed. I have many of the same problems when I'm not sleeping well. Maybe try some chamomile and an earlier bedtime for a couple nights and see if that helps? I find yoga helps me relieve stress and sleep better at night, too.


Otherwise, I'd definitely take her to see somebody- whoever you can get her an appointment with- and have some labwork done. I would guess having her blood checked might show up something.

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