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Finished TYCTR Now What?


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It took 2 years but we finally finished it. It was a slow process, but we are done. That being said, now what?


I am trying to outline my ds first grade in order to get my dh on board and was wondering what to do for Language Arts/English.


I am only half way through HWT. That took a back burner while we learned to read.


Thanks for your ideas.

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When I finished with my son I had him start reading the Magic Tree House books. There is still some challenge in them but they are also interesting and keep them going.


I also started a phonics program. *I* like OPG ds8 liked Saxon Phonics. So we used Saxon, which I must say is a good program. Very comprehensive. We didn't do *everything* they suggested though.

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We moved on to Pathways readers and workbooks after completing TYCTR. You may also want to find a book list at the appropriate grade level, if you prefer.


Congratulations on completing the book!




Edited: Duh! I meant to say "TYCTR" not "OPGTR"

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