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Best /worst dishwasher features??

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My parents have a Viking that has a shallow pull out tray located in the very top of the machine for tall/long utensils and knives. It's totally frivolous, but I love it. :)


Theirs is also so quiet that you can be standing in front of it, making your coffee and not realize it's even on. Love that.


Delay timers and rinse only are great, too.

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Make sure it will hold tall plates. Ours said it hold x amount of plates, but any plates taller than Corelle won't fit in the middle because of the spinning thingy :glare:


I have a set of Corelle that won't fit in the dishwasher. French Lilac. It's about 1/2" bigger in diameter than the plain white Corelle I bought specifically for the dishwasher.


I hate the cutlery rack in the door, so I moved it to the bottom rack. That idea was in the owner's manual. The problem is that the tray will fall open and spill silverware everywhere if the unloader does not check to make sure all the little tabs are down that hold it together. It will also fall open when it is being loaded if all those little tabs aren't firmly down. Big PITA. When it's in the rack, it stays there and we have no problems.

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