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We have methane and CO leaks in our new rental. Ugh!

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I called the gas company out this morning because there has been a very 'off' odor in the kitchen. It didn't really smell like natural gas, but I couldn't think of what else it could be.


Turns out the plumbing in this house is improperly vented. There is a vent under the kitchen sink which is venting sewer (methane) gas into our kitchen. Seriously.


On top of that, while in the basement checking for natural gas leaks (there are none) the gas guy discovered a huge amount of carbon monoxide. Apparently the hot water heater is venting CO directly into the basement. He shut it down.


So now I have no hot water, a basement full of CO, and a kitchen with a methane leak. No wonder we've all been having headaches and puking off and on since we moved in.


Thanks for listening.

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I think having no hot water and a life threatening gas leak would make this one of those immediate-fix issues in renter's rights stuff. I'd look it up, especially if the land lord gives your grief or doesn't want to fix it NOW.


Definitely call your doctor about the findings and see if there's any concern.

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