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Bring DD home from private school?

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I am not new to hsing but am out of practice! 4 years ago I had my youngest, suffered many health issues and debilitating post partum depression so my eldest two children went to private school (Charlotte Mason philosophy). They are now 16 and 12 and love the school and are doing well but I would like to bring dd (12) back home because I really miss homeschooling and learning together as a family. I'm not sure I would bring DS home because he's too close to graduating but dd is just finishing 6th grade and so we could have many happy years of hs again. But she'd rather stay there. Don't know if she will change her mind once she transitions or if I should just leave her there. My husband thinks I should just focus on the little one and let the other two stay put but he's okay with me pulling her back if that's what I want to do. Any advice? I really am seeking the Lord and want His peace but I thought maybe some objective opinions would be helpful. Thanks, Jennifer


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