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Academic advisor for scholarship


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My son is applying for a scholarship and they are requesting a form filled out by an academic advisor. I emailed them asking what to do as HSers and they replied with a canned letter stating the eligibility requirements. I emailed again stating that the doesn't have an advisor due to Hsing and the reply was that my son might be ineligible due to being HSed but for me to fill the form out myself ( I had suggested doing that). There is no number to reach them but email only. He has taken a few CC classes, but I am not sure if that would work as an advisor? What would you do? It's a nice size scholarship so I don't want to miss out on the opportunity to apply.

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What type of information does the form require? If it just coursework verification, I would fill it out myself, sign it, and not make any issue about the fact that he is homeschooled; you are his academic advisor. If the form is asking for more reference type of material and your son has established a relationship with any of his CC instructors, I would consider asking one of them to provide this outside validation of his ability, work habits, etc. I know that a couple of my dd's DC professors have been willing to provide very complimentary recommendations!


Good luck!



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