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desks for older kids

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I've seen lots of hs classroom set ups primarily for younger kids. The boys each have their own rooms across from each other and we want to put small desks in each since the folding tables look pretty tacky. Any suggestions for a solid writing space desk that doesn't wobble. They have pretty big closets that we put bookshelves in to store each ones current curriculum and then we have a dedicated art room in the basement with two giant ikea steel tables and tons of supplies. The desk in their room's are primarily for seat work/writing.


DS are going to be in 2nd and 5th. Both short but I'm thinking to just put stools under their feet.

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Yes, its in their bedrooms. We're fortunate they each have their own and actually the older one concentrates better there. But with a queen bed, dresser, and end table in each it definitely can't fit a huge table. So I was thinking a smaller version desk. Looked at something in IKEA will go this weekend and check it out.

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DS has a loft bed with a desk under it. It's the same one they sell to college students here so it has that really big kid look (LOL) but he has had it since he was five.


:iagree:I was going to recommend this. When we redo our kids' rooms most likely our oldest (at least) will do this as he does most of his school work at night up in his room! He's excited about a loft someday!

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I got a basic computer desk at Ikea for DD. There's a pull-out shelf for the keyboard, leaving room on the desktop for her to do work. We have it out in our "school/craft" room rather than in her bedroom, which she will shortly be sharing with her baby brother.

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Well we choose the Ikea desks.

For the 4th grader we picked


which works well


For the first grader we picked this but without the hutch



both got chairs from container store


younger one needs a stool under his feet

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