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x-post: If you're going to the Cincy convention and wanted to see TOG...

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Could I humbly suggest we have a little email barrage of the convention organizers? Apparently others have emailed them, asking why TOG isn't on the slate at all. The Cincy people have gotten people and vendors added at the last minute when we asked, so I know they can. Last year they brought in MCT after a whole bunch of people emailed in. So if you want to ask them to bring in TOG THIS YEAR, not next, email them at greathomeschoolconventions@gmail.com



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Did you also contact TOG to see if they are available to attend or have someone to work in their booth? There may be more to it than what appears?


Yes, TOG was there in 2008. I remember it was on the balcony next to Todd Wilson. I remember that, but can't remember where my iPod is. go figure.


But then in 2009 TOG couldn't attend conventions due to business reasons with TOG. It was a rough year for them and going digital and all of that.


I understand wanting to have a favorite exhibitor at a conference.


hope it works out for you and other TOG fans.



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