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X-Box, X-Box Live and Zune

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So does anybody have or use Zune to watch stuff on tv through their X-Box and can tell me how it works.


It looks like it is a free account, but is it really?


Does anyone have any idea how much it costs to upgrade from the free level of x-box live to the "gold" level?


I am having a problems finding these things out without signing up for them, and I don't want to do that until I know more about them.

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The "free" Zune is only previews of things you can buy. We don't really use it as we have a Netflix subscription that keeps us glued to the TV quite enough. ;)


To upgrade to the Gold version of Live really depends on how you do it. We just re-signed up for it through a sale advertised on the xbox for $35.99 for 12 months (ends up being about $3 a month). They have similar sales often enough that if you're patient you can find one. With this one we also got 500 microsoft points and a free arcade game.


You can also buy a card with a code through amazon for $48.99 for 12 months ($4.08 a month) or you can buy the card in a store, like Wal-mart, for $59.99 ($5 a month).


I think $5 a month isn't bad for what we use it for, but it does feel like xbox nickels and dimes you to death with all their extras. Wii and Playstation online play is free.


If you need more information, just ask - we've had an x-box pretty much since they first came out and have had a gold subscription on and off for the whole time.

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