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Hives - If you've had them, were you able to find out why? How?

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So I've had hives for the past two days, and I have no idea why. They shrink, they grow, they ITCH, and they are all over my my arms, legs, and trunk. I feel a little bit crazy right now, trying not to scrape all the skin off my body. I am 8 weeks pregnant, probably miscarrying, could there be any relation? Stress maybe? Ugh. Little help...


ETA: I've been taking benadryl, which does help. Is there something better I could get with a prescription?

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I had two bouts with hives, lasting months/years. I never figured out exactly what it was. A good way to get rid of them is to take an H1 blocker (Benedryl) and H2 blocker (Pepsid, Zantac type). I took those after prednisone. If you can control the hives w/o the prednisone, that is better, but if they get bad, you will probably have to get the prednisone.


You can get hives from stress. I do hope you are not miscarrying, you probably need to make a call to your Ob/Gyn though so if you don't miscarry, you don't take something you shouldn't.

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Hives could certainly be stress related. Could be viral too or allergic or any number of things. Most of the time no cause is found.


Try Zyrtec. It's really good with hives and what my father (chronic hives from stress and then later from NSAIDS) and my son (chronic--allergy related) were told to take and it did help. It doesn't wear off quickly like benadryl too.


If they aren't stopped by those prednisone will usually work but I wouldn't do it pregnant. I'm sorry you might be losing the baby--I can't figure out hug smile things here right now for some reason but if I could I would (sincerely) put one in.

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