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Congressional Award

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Looks like right now she'll be continuing her volunteering (with her cat) at the nursing home (community service), working on learning composing (in exchange for babysitting) (pers development), walking a lot more (fitness) and organizing an expedition for all of us to Wolf Park (exploration). but she's only at the bronze certificate level. I'd like to hear what others are doing at higher levels. It's a big project to go all the way to the gold medal.


One that she's interested in for community service is trying to organize a community habitat project from the National Wildlife Federation. We just certified our yard as a Backyard Wildlife Habitat, but expanding it to the neighborhood/town might be a good organizing project. We'll see.



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I know a girl in our community who was one of only two in our state to complete this. She went through all levels and has received numerous other awards, as well. She ended up getting to go to St. Petersburg last summer with People to People. She was a national merit finalist this year and has received numerous wonderful scholarships to some great colleges. It was a great experience for her! She was able to work through even more quickly than their timetable and actually had to wait to turn in some of her things. I think it's a great program!

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