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Do you count a dual enrollment class as an AP level on the transcript?

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I attended a seminar wherein the speaker suggested doing so. She also suggests that classes that go above and beyond the benchmark set my the D.O.E., be listed as honors.


How does this sit with those of you who are more seasoned than I?



I"m not sure what your question is. Do you mean you list a dual-enrollment class an AP class? (Answer is no; you have to have a course approved by the college board to call it AP.) If you are talking about weighting the transcript, an AP course is a college level course and it is certainly legitimate to give more credit for an A for a dual-enrollment or college course than for a regular old high school course. Same with honors. Because of all the weighting that goes on, I called many of our courses "honors." I did this when ds took an AP for that course (since I couldn't call them AP courses) and for outside courses that had higher standards than average. The AP/dual enrollment courses are weighted more heavily than an honors course, which is weighted more heavily than a regular course.

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Because "AP" is a registered trademark of the College Board, you can't (or shouldn't) title a course on your transcript "AP" unless the course is specifically approved by the College Board. For example, my dd is doing an AP-level biology course from Thinkwell--it's geared toward the AP test, but on my transcript I will call it Advanced Biology, because it's not specifically approved by the College Board (even Thinkwell has to call it Biology for AP, not AP Biology.)


For a dual enrollment course taken at a college, you would put whatever the college called that course and include a footnote saying the course was taken at XYZ College. And then you would attach the transcript from XYZ College (or for college admissions have it sent directly.)


For other courses that go above and beyond, you might not want to call them Honors (unless it's an outside class and the provider has labelled it Honors.) It's my understanding that the term isn't necessarily looked on as impressive, because there's such a wide variation in what it could mean. So, I didn't call any of our courses Honors, even though many went above and beyond. Instead, I explained the level of our homeschool courses in my homeschool profile and course description documents.

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FYI: Here in FL, the state school re-calculate the GPA so that all transcripts have the same weights added. I just did un-weighted, with footnotes as to where the class was taken and let them figure it out. :o Since you have to send a transcript from all B&M schools attended (incl. the DE classes), they KNOW it's a cc class. Plus, our state system has full matriculation--they need the cc transcript for verification.

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Perhaps that is what she meant...weighting the grade as an AP, as opposed to calling it AP. That would make more sense, because of the involvement with the College Board with regard to the transcript, etc.


Thank you so much for taking the time to so thoroughly answer. I very much appreciate it!

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For both of my sons who have done dual enrollment, I simply added the course name to the transcript with an asterisk beside the course title. Then I explained in a footnote that it was dual enrollment. In addition, colleges will require that the student submit the dual enrollment college transcript when applying to the college.


So it really won't matter what you mark it (Honors or AP) because the university will see that it is dual enrollment and count/weigh it how they wish. I do count 1 semester of dual enrollment as a full credit for high school.

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