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PSA, and a health insurance rant

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PSA- don't get the flu twice within 180 days, or you may have to pay for Tamiflu out of pocket. At least that's what Blue Cross has decided. Gee, I'm sorry my son got the flu again. Two weeks ago it was type A, today he tested positive for type B. But Blue Cross wouldn't pay for the meds. So I just shucked out $114 out of my pocket. Two weeks ago we had to meet the deductible, so we paid for most of that one too. Someone tell me why I bother having insurance again.

Arrrrgggg! :banghead:

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Appeal away... my insurance company just received a nice, thick packet :D


I already have the next level in the "outline" stage, but everyone is pretty confident we've pretty much nailed them to the wall on this one. There are too many experts, and overwhelming, peer-reviewed, documented research supports my treatment as non-cosmetic.


Best wishes. I'm not sure how they could get away with that. Maybe it's a coding error?

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