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Quick SOTW Question

plain jane

Which SOTW4 would you prefer to own?  

  1. 1. Which SOTW4 would you prefer to own?

    • Paperback
    • Hardcover

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I need to order SOTW4 and am wondering if you'd buy the paperback or hardcover? I'd love to have a matching set, but my SOTW1 is paperback with regular binding (bought used) and SOTW2 & 3 are paperback with spiral binding (given to me from a very, very nice person on this board :)).


Is the hardcover worth the extra money?

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I have a paperback, that I bought used, but I'd much prefer a hardcover, simply because I'm only schooling my oldest two at the moment, and there are four more that are coming up behind them. The books I buy now have to last for a long, long time. Hardbacks wear better, I think. ;)

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