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Wwyd reading issue


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Okay 3rd grade girl.. Reads about begining 2nd grade level( if that) Writing is okay but misspells a lot of words ... What would you to get her up to grade level at a fairly decent pace? Tried aas, sonlight la, llatl, nothing apeals to her to really make her want to try... Just ordered wp 1st grade language arts in hopes the animal theme will motivate her.. ( yes I'm that desperate that I'll pick theme over content at this point ) ugh.. My son is a fabulous reader/writer... Daughter... Not so much.. Very resistant to everything :( ...Feeling like a failure.. I've always felt she will get it when the time is right for her... But it's getting to the ridiculous point now and we just moved near family and I am feeling the heat to push her ugh.

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My daughter loves animals, too!


I will try to think of any good phonics and spelling things out there with animals. There are the I See Sam Books, but they may be a bit below her level. I will look for a link to the free ones you can print out and the ones to buy.


I would try my online phonics lessons and/or the program on my how to tutor page, they are designed for older students.

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I just posted about Words Their Way. I have someone coming to work with ds8 who is also reading on a high 1st grade level. He was a late talker, late reader and has difficulties with end blends and some middle combinations. This is what she is using with him and he enjoys it.

This is the link from Amazon if you are interested:



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I am using Websters with my seven year old - she is a strong reader, though. But, I did use it with my struggling 13 year old last year.


In addition...


I would try Phonics for Reading, followed by REWARDS Intermediate. REWARDS made a huge difference for my older son. In addition, review phonogram cards daily (try this too). Play Elizabeth's concentration game.


Reading Horizons was also a wonderful help with my son. I didn't buy the program, but used the online workshop with him. There are always 20% off coupons when you sign up.


Best of luck. I know the pain and worry that you're feeling. :grouphug:

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