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x-post: What would you buy if you had a generous homeschool budget

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I was once in a situation where an employer gave us an educational allowance. One of our friends is now in a similar situation.


On my blog I'm trying to brainstorm some of the cooler things that I got and that she might want to consider. I'd love to get some other opinions too. I'm sure I've left off some great ideas.

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Oh yes, the pricier equipment: a good microscope, a copier and laser printer, laminating machine, a better, faster computer (probably a laptop) and one for my older dc to use so we don't have to share. I'd stock up on good art supplies, too. Definitely more bookshelves and renovate a space to be used just for school. It gets so old having to use the dining room table for absolutely everthing. Wow...I'm daydreaming now...

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Last year I got a gift of cash earmarked for school. I had already purchased the essentials, so I splurged and bought the science models at hometrainingtools.com. We *love* those things! We keep changing our mind about which is our favorite... the human torso? The eye? the skeleton? they are just too cool (and great props for kid's parties as a bonus).

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Hmmm... we already own laser printers, laminators, binders, and all that office equipment.


Live-Education 6, 7 & 8

Chalkdust Algebra, Geometry, and Algebra II DVDs

Cambridge Latin Tutor services

LOEB book set

Analytical Grammar

Tons of DVDs from The TEaching Company

Spectrum Chemistry

New family room furniture

Built-in bookshelves

Larger windows cut out, if possible

Kitchenette off lower level family room

Turn 3-season porch into 4-season with heating coils under tile.

Tons of high quality art supplies

vactation to Europe for educational purposes

Vacation to Japan for educational purposes

Vacation to Australia for educational purpose


That's it for now.

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Me? I would buy a few more book shelves , printer ink ( this stuff is more expensive then gas ) , printer paper , telescope , microscope , some of the curriculum I need and lots of good books to go with them :>), oh yes and a few laptop computers .

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ART supplies - easels, pastels, acrylics, graphite pencils, watercolor paper, cavass, scretch pads, prismacolor pencils, modeling clay, ...


science stuff - the microscope that connects to your tv or computer screen so everyone can see the same thing at the same time! dissection stuff, models, reptile cage for insect catch and studies...


set some aside for memberships or to do fun stuff as it comes up

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Most of what came to mind has already been mentioned:


books and tons of them, microscope, telescope, piano, bookshelves, an extra computer


The only thing I would add is a more yearly passes to museums and a budget for one educational trip a year! What a dream!!!!



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Stereo microscope


Teaching Co. DVDs


music appreciation and art appreciation resources (things I don't splurge much on)


Lots of Usborne I don't have


Entire Gail Gibbons library


tons of Yesterday's Classics and Bethlehem Books


Homeschool in the Woods (I'd raid their inventory :D)


Mystery of History audio


Rest of SOTW including audio


All of Jim Weiss' audio


Rest of Your Story Hour audio

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