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How many days outside the house?

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I haven't seen an "outside activities" thread in awhile. I'm starting my schedule for next year, and I'm thinking of reducing our out-of-the-house days to two per week. Two main reasons: streamline our schoolwork routine(if we're home, we'll get more done, right?) and reduce gasoline consumption(it's killing our budget).


Problem is: there is so much we want to do! Dd wants to volunteer at the SPCA, ds wants to hang with his friends as much as possible, I need to get groceries, get to the library etc. So I'm working on narrowing most activities into two days only. Also, I may add one day to have a playdate at our house or possibly start a small kids club at our house focusing on money and/or writing. (yes, I'm crazy) :tongue_smilie:


My kids also do lots of science programs at the museum. I may limit those to once a month. Ds is in 4H but that's on 2 Saturdays per month so that can stay.


AGGGHHH!! Does anyone else plan their schedule in this detail? And how do you decide what activities to fit in, how much friend-time is enough etc.?

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But I've already found that there is a fine line.


After some schedule adjustments this year, I'm grouping activities to keep more days free and I'm also trying to keep evenings free for family time with dh.


SUNDAY: morning church

MONDAY: grocery store, library, park, lunch out, dance at 1:00 and then come home a for nap


TUESDAY: nothing in day, but dance class at night

WEDNESDAY: BSF all morning and then gymnastics and evening church

THURSDAY: nothing

FRIDAY: nothing

SATURDAY: nothing

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but I have a very outgoing, only child, so I go extra to give him social time.


He goes to karate 3x per week.

Homeschool bowling 1x per week.

Homeschool PE and parkday 1x per week.


We also occasionally get together with friends on another day during the week, not often enough for DS though!


Sometimes I get tired of this, but it really helps DS. We also have all the usual errands and chores, so it is very rare that we have a day without leaving the house for something.

MIchelle T

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That depends on what the "outside" is.


For us, it meant no activities of any kind, with other people, that happened before 2 or 3 in the afternoon. Dc and I went to the library every Wednesday morning; we left the house every Thursday for a field trip. Because those were part of our weekly schedule, and because we didn't have to plan anything around anyone else, those worked for us.


Younger dd had a dance class once a week in the afternnoon/early evening; both dds eventually had a monthly 4-H meeting in the evening, plus any project meetings, which, again, were usually evenings.


"Outside" for us would have meant doing a co-op class or gym or music or other classes for hsers that were scheduled at 10 in the morning.

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I have 3 kids with varous interests.


Sunday: Church, visit grandparents (who live a mile from church), take oldest to wrestling practice then back to church for Youth Group while rest of us wait for him at grandparents' house.


Monday: Youngest (dd) has playdate with friend, Fiddle lessons, Violin lessons, then soccer practice


Tuesday: Oldest wrestling practice


Wednesday: Both boys have music, dd has soccer game


Thursday: Boys Judo


Friday: Dd violin group (2X/month) or concert (1X/month) then oldest wrestling practice


Saturday: Soccer game...or various wrestling tournaments during fall/winter


We did also have Monday and Wednesday night taekwondo but kids recently lost interest after having black belts (oldest 2 and me) for 2 years. Also I could no longer justify testing fees ($500 each) vs. amount of new material learned and youngest wanted to try soccer. Soccer is only for 6 weeks so will be over in 2 more then that will be finished. We are not going back to taekwondo though. I need a break from all the running and it was the only place I could trim.

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This is ours.


Sunday: morning Church

Monday: usually nothing

Tuesday: 8 weeks in the fall, 8 weeks in the spring, co-op, every other Tuesday 9-noon. 1x a month 4-H meeting Tuesday evenings.

Wednesday: Every Wednesday Evening Bible Study, 6:00p.m. for a fellowship dinner, 2 times a month, field trips/playday with the support group I'm in, if I decide to go.

Thursday: usually nothing

Friday: afternoons I do the daycare shopping, usually takes and hour and a half-3 hours.


Saturdays, spent working around the house, a lot of Saturdays we are at church helping clean, workday, etc.

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here is our schedule:


Sunday: church in the morning, dd has youth group in the evening, so another trip back and forth.

Monday: nothing during the day, but dd has dance at night and ds has scouts 2x per month.

Tues: dd has art in the morning, dance in the evening, and we have a co-op class w/ 3 other families 2x per month. So, once every 4 meetings the class is here at our house.

Wed: both children have music lessons in the afternoon, and this is when I get the Target shopping done. Target is right across the street from the music school.

Thurs: our co-op day. Co-op is 25 minutes from our house, luckily we carpool w/ another family, so I only drive every other time.

Friday: nothing scheduled.

Saturday: grocery shopping and other errands.


looking at that list, we are actually out and about quite a bit. My goal is to try to combine at least 2 errands/events, so that we can cut down on the gas usage as much as possible.


LauraD in MN

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All of our activities are close (the farthest away is co-op, and that's about a 6-7 minute drive), so gas isn't really a factor.


Monday: Judo (4-6)

Tuesday: Nothing!

Wednesday: Church (6:45-8)

Thursday: Piano (2:30-3:30 for 3 boys), Judo (4-6:30)

Friday: Co-op (9-12), Judo (4-5:30)


We have friends over for an afternoon maybe once a month. I run errands once a week when dh is home, but the day/time varies somewhat.


While we're out of the house 4/5 school days, the times aren't until after our work is completed (except for co-op, but we don't do regular school works that day), so it doesn't impact school. The times also enable us to have dinner together every night.

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I have an extremely social, on-the-go son. We've discovered that he is happier, more productive at home and easier to get along with when he's got a full schedule of outside activities. So, we've got somewhere to go every weekday, plus church on Sundays and occasional extras on Saturdays.


Monday: Piano lesson and, until last week, drama class

Tuesday: Ballet

Wednesday: Ballet, plus twice-monthly science class

Thursday: Choir

Friday: Tap, Ballet, Jazz


Saturday: Once a month, model rocket club; plus extra choir rehearsals an average of once per month


Sunday: Chuch, Sunday school; plus a matinee at the ballet or theatre an average of once per month


The only way this works, though, is that almost all of these happen afternoons and evenings, allowing us to do a full day of school work before we head out. The one exception is the science classes, but we arranged his schedule this year to allow for Wednesdays off from regular desk work as long as he is caught up on his assignments.

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At least we live close by so we can get together more often to save on those dreaded gas bills!!!


The summer is going to be a little chaotic for us with summer camps.. Part of me wishes I hadn't signed up for so many little day-camps for the kids, but I think it's a nice break for them and we plan on buckling down more in the fall.


I'm lucky in the respect that I work 4 days a week from home, so we rarely plan any "outings" those days. But the other 3 days it is just non-stop, jam-everything-in days and it just wears us all out.


Not sure that was any help, but just letting you know I'm right there with you!!!

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We have no days exclusively at home!


Sunday--church, sometimes soccer games

Monday-- guitar, gymnastics, Young Life, grocery shopping

Tuesday--gymnastics, soccer #1, soccer #2, dance

Wednesday--gymnastics, soccer #3

Thursday--gymnastics, dance, soccer #1, soccer #2

Friday--library, open gymnastics, social activities

Saturday--soccer games,track meets


Beginning improv class and additional dance next month--plus swim/diving lessons, and debate/public speaking summer classes.


Our family does best with a hectic schedule. We get bored and irritable when th.ere is too much quiet and freedom.

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