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Can you compare FLL and ILL?


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I have not used ILL but I did compare it with FLL3 when I was trying to decide where to go for grammar.


My impression was the ILL is not as rigorous and did not have as much practice as FLL. ILL was more talking about ideas and FLL was more writing. It also did not cover everything that FLL covers. There is no diagramming in ILL, and that's what tipped it in favor of FLL for me.


For my dd's second grade year, I used Sheldon's PLL, available free from Google books. I found it to be quite rigorous. We did much of it orally. I think it would be suitable for 3rd grade. There is also a Sheldon's Advanced Language Lessons, which would be very challenging for a 3rd grader, challenging for a 4th grader, and reasonable for a 5th/6th grader.



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I have not used the upper levels of FLL, but the lower level was a more complete grammar style program. PLL, as you know, did not include the actual grammar work, just memorization, copywork, dictation, etc.


ILL does begin to incorporate more actual grammar work, but I suspect that it is still not as much as FLL upper levels will contain.


I actually used PLL together with R&S 2 (because FLL 2 was not out yet). I didn't feel I had to use all of it or use it every day, but it was nice to have their picture studies and other oral work that was not included in the more standard grammar program.

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