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Penpals for DS11, DS10 and DS6

Guest CarolineUK

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Guest CarolineUK

DS11 goes to our local secondary school, he loves math, science, sports (soccer, rugby, tennis, badminton, swimming and diving) and being silly ;). He's very much a people person so is very motivated to write to a penpal, but being dyslexic writing doesn't come easily to him.


DS10 has been homeschooled for the past year and a half. He is a very physical kind of person, loving being outside and also loves sports (soccer, tennis, badminton, swimming and diving). He loves music and plays the piano and cornet. His favourite author is Roald Dahl. He adores playing his DS and the Wii (Pokemon), but is frustrated in this passion by only being allowed to play on Saturday and Sunday afternoons :tongue_smilie:. He's about to get a new labradoodle puppy for his birthday which I think may be his new passion for the foreseeable future. He really enjoys writing, but in a kind of stream of consciousness way, he desperately needs practice to improve his spelling and grammer!


DS6 is only just getting into writing (he is also dyslexic - DH is severely dyslexic), but desperately wants a penpal because his older brothers want penpals. He really enjoys making things and is generally very creative and imaginative. He is not at all sporty at the moment, but will join in anything because he just wants to have fun, and isn't at all bothered if he loses. He does enjoy his swimming lessons, which he has twice a week.


Well that's my bunch, I hope there's someone out there who might enjoy writing to them :001_smile:.

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