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Black and white themed gift basket for auction...colored or b/w bow?


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I am making a black and white themed gift basket for an upscale fundraising auction. So far I have:


(everything is in black/white including packaging)

Two layer black wire plate rack for 'basket'

4 saucers-floral/bird design

4 cups-floral (not matching the saucers but go good together)

1 apron (the apron is used for the liner in the base but the tag shows, which shows a picture of the apron)

4 cloth napkins with large floral print

1 jar black raspberry jam

1 jar lemon curd (chosen for the b/w jar )

1 jar green olives w/ olives (chosen for the b/w jar)

1 box of b/w cookies

1 Lindt 70% chocolate bar

1 cute package of black liquorice spirals (looks like a box of polka-dots)


In the cups:

clear cellophane Mighty Leaf Tea

coffee with silver wrapper

?crackers/candy (I haven't bought this yet for the last 2 cups)



This thing is packed full! I have some biscotti for propping things up and a few other small treats to use for filler if I need it.




Okay, so virtually every bit is white black, with the exception of the yellow lemon curd/ green olives and a bit of brown on the chocolate bar and cookies. It looks really good, but I am wondering what I should finish it off with?


Right now, I have the solid black apron ties, tying a bow, around one of the napkins which I made into a fan. It isn't bad.....but it is just... blah. It definitely ties everything together since I used the napkins as the filler between the cups and to line the top layer. I think that is maybe just it though...it is too matchy, matchy.



I will go tomorrow and look for something to give it a finished look. I am considering something BRIGHT, like a (decadent quality) bright pink or green bow. Maybe velvet, or a nice grosgrain ribbon? Maybe a beautiful silk flower (the ones that look real)?


Do you think I should go with a color? Or stick with the black and white? What would make it stand out from across a room or stand out in a person's memory when it comes time for bidding? Does using a colored bow, take away from the b/w affect? What is trendy right now for flowers? Years ago it was sunflowers/apples and then hydrangeas/grapes? What is the go to modern accent? I can't take this thing with me to go bow shopping, so whatever I buy...it the bow I am using.

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Black, white, and red is always a classy combination. I would go for a vibrant red ribbon or flower. Turquoise would be another good choice.


I like the idea of red too, but since the auction is next weekend, I think it is too close to Valentines and may look like I bought it on clearance. LOL

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I'd go with a bright green bow that pops. It would be in the same range as the green olives, but brighter. Whatever you decide, post a picture if you can when you're done. It sounds like a gorgeous gift basket.

What do you think of this color combo?

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I had something like this in mind, but I like yours as well. The bow I found matches the color I was thinking (it's as close as I could find), not necessarily the style. I think either would pop, but the shade of green you found is a better match to the green olives. Also, your shade might be better at pulling in that yellow you mentioned was in the basket as well.

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