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Saxon math veterens...


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Okay, so I've already ditched Saxon Grammar, which was new for us this year, because I think it was moving too quickly from topic to topic for ds. It really wasn't giving him enough practice with the new concepts, which of course it the whole point of Saxon, but I digress...


Now for about the last two months or so, ds has really been struggling with the math, he consistantly scores 65-70% on his tests and misses more than half of his mixed review; I only have him do the odds/evens in the mixed review. Now, I know you are not supposed to do this, but the reason I do is because otherwise we will spend 2 hours doing math. As it is, we are already at about 60-90 minutes (depending on dawdling) because I make him correct all of his missed problems. Much longer than that his brain just shuts down. I also have him do the supplemental practice when there is some for that lesson, but it seems there hardly isn't ever any on the topics we need.


Okay, I think I just answered my own question...I really do hate the idea of ditching a math program midway through, and I don't like curriculum hopping, but the more and more I type the more and more I think that this isn't the right program for ds anymore.


However, if you have any suggestions to make Saxon work, I'd greatly appreciate it.

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If you do continue with it, you need to switch him to doing ALL the problems in a mixed practice, but just skip every other mixed practice. This will prevent him from missing something in the sequence of problems in a particular mixed practice. My DD does 1-15 one day and 16-30 the next. You must do the lesson and all the lesson practice every day. When DD has difficulty with a certain type of problem, we be sure to review the lesson(s) in which that topic was taught. Don't move on when he doesn't understand. Make sure you know what kind of mistakes he is making. Careless, or comprehension and deal with them accordingly.


We love saxon (have used it successfully for years) except that there are too many problems. It's an easy thing to fix.

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