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Molly/Westminster Update

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Whew. We're back. It was AMAZING. Long story short, Molly and Dani showed their hearts out and made the cut!!! This means that the judge examined all the dogs, then narrowed it down to six and dismissed the rest of the class. Molly and Dani were asked to stay in the group of top six. It's HUGE to make the cut at Westminster, especially as a non-professional handler. Molly made it as a KID! At Westminster, only Best of Breed and Best of Opposite Sex are awarded so she didn't come home with a ribbon but we couldn't be more thrilled.


Here are a couple of videos:


The actual breed judging at Westminster. Molly is wearing a teal green suit and a ponytail:



An article written by a city newspaper here in CT. They actually sent a reporter with press credentials to NYC to cover Molly and Dani! There's a short video on the site, with part of the article. You have to be a subscriber to read the whole thing, which we're not.



Their segment on the Today Show: Dani was used as the "teaser" too, so that's cool. Lester Holt is a VERY NICE GUY!! :-)




Anyway, we're exhausted, up to our elbows in dirty laundry, but completely smothered in wonderful memories.



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I am very, very impressed with Molly! Well done Astrid!


I am also impressed with Dani...especially envious as at 6:05 this morning, I was running around the yard in my pajamas and robe trying to convince our 6 month old cocker spaniel puppy to come inside, having sneaked out the door when dh tried to leave for his seminars. He was determined to go with dh who couldn't pick him up because he was wearing a fine suit and the yard is getting muddy from the melting snow.....GRRRRR......LEWIS YOU BAD DOG YOU!


I need to send Lewis to Molly to be straightened out. But, now that she has these credentials to add to her resume, I'm sure her tutoring fees have just gone up!!!!


Here's hoping the two of you will have a chance to decompress and rest for bit before hitting the ordinary grind.



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We were pulling for you, Astrid! Dd and I kept hitting the "refresh" button on the Westminster web page where they had the breed videos listed. When I finally got to see the video, I jumped up and ran to dd's room yelling, "She made it! She made it!"


Molly looked lovely and very professional!! And Dani is an absolute beauty! Kudos to both of them on a job well done!

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You must be so proud but I will have you know that she is making my dd so jealous. I noticed that there was a wide variation in height, weight, build and coloring and I was wondering if the breed has offcial standards yet being as this is it's first year.


Yes, there is an official standard. The FCI Standard has existed for decades in Europe, and until last year, we used that standard. The AKC requires that a written standard be adopted by the membership of the parent club, and I was president of the parent club during this time. I spent a lot of time and energy working on a committee to write it. It can be found here:




Color variation: You're probably referring to the couple males who appeared very dark. Black tips on the hairs are prevalent in our breed, and some dogs have more dark tipping than others. If you part the coat, there MUST be light coat underneath the black tips. In other words, the black tips cannot extend to the skin. All Leos must have a black mask as well as a black chevron on their tail. Some dogs just have more black tips than others. Also, sand colored Leos are not common but are an acceptable color, as long as the mask is present.


There is a lot of dimorphism in our breed. The males carry a big mane, and are bigger, heavier and taller than females. Danika is actually a pretty good-sized *****, toward the top of the standard regarding height. There was one small male in the group (tall woman with sleeveless grey dress handled him) though he is within the standard for males.


Hope that clarifies things!


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I told my dd about this. She now wants to be a dog handler. You must be one proud momma! (Both human and doggie)


My dd now wants a dog after watching that video!!!! CONGRATULATIONS to both you and Molly! She didn't stick out as the "young" one. She fit right in.


We had a friend showing Irish Setters there. I don't know how she did yet.

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