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Happy Holy... What?

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I admit it. We watch television. Not inordinate amounts... but after DS is asleep and I'm trying to clean the kitchen, I let DD watch Olivia or Ni Hao Kai Lan on Nick Jr. So this commercial just came on. (Or what passes for a commercial on Nick Jr.-- between the shows cartoonage.)


It was a segment showing a little Indian girl (I know this because I've previously seen her searching frantically for a Sari so she could pretend to be an Indian princess) and her family celebrating something called Holy. Apparently it takes place in the spring, and involves lots of throwing paint at people?


What is this holiday.... and should I be concerned at my kids being exposed to it? (I ask because we saw this last night, and at church tonight, DD(2) kept running up to people & telling them "Happy Holy! Happy Holy!") This is not behavior I want continued, so I redirected her and eventually had her saying Happy Holidays... (Wrong time of year, but at least not the wrong religion.) What says the Hive?

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We watch Nick Jr. too. I know the little Indian girl you're talking about, though we've missed the "Holi" segment. I wouldn't get too worried - just explain to your little one that your family doesn't celebrate Holi, you celebrate (fill in the blank).


Kids are remarkably flexible. DD has Christian and Muslim relatives and seems to do just fine separating the two religions.

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Thanks for all of the responses. I always try to keep a balance when telling my kids that "We believe X" or "We don't celebrate Y" because I do want them to respect the rights of others to practice their religions, as we have the right to practice ours. My parents took a completely hands-off approach to any sort of religious teaching and left it up to my grandparents to expose me to church & such. I got in serious trouble in about the 3rd grade for telling another little girl that she was going to h*ll because she didn't believe in Jesus. I really would like to teach my kids to be more respectful of others than I was taught.


That said.... I completely understand why she latched on to the idea-- it looked like a ton of fun!

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