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Urgent: Puppy Question

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I closed a door on our kitten's paw when she was that age, although not all the way closed. I have never heard a cat make a noise like that. She barked like a dog. I shudder to recall it. I felt her leg/paw thoroughly, and it seemed ok. She limped around for a couple (few?) days, but then was fine. She was a bit jumpy for a while. She's 8.5 years old now and is fine.


For your puppy, I'd inspect the leg, and if it feels ok (compare it to the other one), I'd take a wait-and-see approach. If it doesn't feel right, I'd take him to the vet.

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I would feel his leg very gently and if he yelps when you touch any spot you know where he is hurt. If he yelps it may be a good idea to take him to the vet depending on his personality(does he yelp over relatively minor thing or not). Also be prepared that he may try to bite when you are checking him. I know it seems a little mean but I have seen vets determine where a dog is injured and/or how bad by how they react to touch.

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