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You might just try some of the Math lessons books by Marilyn Burns to get your feet wet in that type of math realm. I have her first two books for pretty cheap for sale in case you are interested. This type of math program really interested me, but I just couldn't pull it all together. I like the concept, but needed a little more hand holding, which I found Miquon fit my style a little better.

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I didn't like the Marilyn Burns books, and could not find a way to take what was in the book and actually use it. It seemed too geared towards public schools, and there wasn't any direction, just a log of the conversations/activities she had in the classroom with the students. But you might find them valuable.


I posted on this thread about MOTL and KTM http://www.welltrainedmind.com/forums/showthread.php?t=245047


I like MOTL because it has teaching ideas for all of the concepts that should be learned between K and Pre-Alg. It also has a chart that shows a sequence of how the concepts should be learned. There is an explanation of each concept and then several ideas on how to present/teach it. Now, it is worth it for me to have all of the math they need to know through pre-alg right there at my finger tips. I can look up a concept, pick out a book about it to read, find a fun game to play, and work on that concept. My son is not very textbooky, and I was getting frustrated with the different math programs. I would try to place him in a level, but in some aspects he'd be at grade 6, in others he was at grade 2. To put him back in grade 2 work (he's 10) would have been mindnumbingly boring. But he hadn't mastered some concepts. So MOTL was an answer to prayers for me. I can choose the concepts he needs help on, without be required to complete an entire book at that level. (does that make sense?)


So I use it as an outline. I don't usually use only the lesson the way it's intended. I add stuff to it all the time. As I said before, we read books, play games, etc. Right now we're doing fractions and he's also doing a Key To Fractions book. So it's a great "skeleton" to work from. Don't get my wrong, it could be used as is and be sufficient... I just love approaching a subject from 100 different ways and so do my kids.


Kitchen Table Math is very similar in that it has lessons/activities to teach different math concepts. As of yet, I don't think it reaches as far as pre-alg. It doesn't have anything more than the lessons and ideas. So you would just pick and choose what you want to teach. It doesn't necessarily have a certain order or sequence to follow. But for $20ish dollars you could get a pretty good idea of whether or not you liked that style of teaching. I would still supplement with books and games. I don't think it's as complete as MOTL, but it would give you a good idea of what MOTL is like. Then you could spring for MOTL if you decided you liked it.



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