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The best Spanish curriculum?

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I have read the threads on Visual Link and Breaking the Barrier, but what about others? I googled "best Spanish curriculum" and found


Tell Me More (Tell my why it's so much More money...)

Musical Spanish

Spanish Uno

Magnum Language Systems

The Easy Spanish

Rocket Spanish


How do I choose? And are any of the above programs better or as good as VL and BtB?


I already own the Learnables Levels 1 and 2, but I'm not sure it was good enough for my oldest 2 kids who used it.


I'm anxious to hear many opinions on this.


April in TX

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On your list, the only programs I have tried are Visual Link and Tell Me More. I have also tried Rosetta Stone. Visual Link is the only one that has worked for my dd. They have a 6-month money-back guarantee. You have to make sure that you don't open any of the audio cds and only open the two envelopes that have the cds you need to install on your computer. That isn't really a hardship since my dd completed all of Visual Link I without ever touching the audio cds. She needs to have a visual at the same time, so I never bothered opening the audio cd envelopes.

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