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Moving 8th grader to classical learning prgrm


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I am new here and hoping you could share your thoughts. My school district is starting a classical charter school this fall. I think the new school will be terrific, but the size will be small and the offerrings limited.. I am considering moving my to-be 8th grader to the new school when it opens. She is currently an A/B student in public jr high - smart enough, self confident with lots of friends - but not particularly motivated to excel academically. She loves her school, but I think she would get a better education in the new charter.


Has anyone moved an 8th grader from a public education to a classic school? What has been your experience? What have been the challenges? My daughter is concerned about losing her friends. I am concerned that she won't be able to catch on to the different curriculum.


Any thoughts or advice you could share would be greatly appreciated.

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If the school is just starting, I would imagine that you'll find most of the kids are in the same spot. I personally wouldn't worry too much. I'm sure the teachers will take everything into account when starting a new program. Learning classical languages like Latin or Greek can take place at age 8 or at age 80, you still start at the beginning. I'm sure her English class will have more emphasis on grammar than she's been getting before, but it's nothing that she won't pick up. Math is math... Science is science... History will probably start at the beginning...

I bet it'll all have a different flavor than she's used to, but I just wouldn't worry. I'm sure she's going to have a great experience!

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