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A high school teacher was suspended for her blog.

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I was a teacher for a while and I could relate to her experience. On the other hand, I do really admire those teachers who can motivate and make a positive impact on their students.

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This was being discussed earlier today at http://welltrainedmind.com/forums/showthread.php?t=245596


I understand her frustration, but it seems as if she didn't like ANY of her students. Even shyness was disparaged. She was all over the news with her lawyer. She struck me as someone who is in the wrong profession. She had no empathy for any of her students.



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These are the types of comments that most coworkers make TO EACH OTHER, while secretly hoping that no one can overhear them. I completely understand her frustration, but she shouldn't have made it public.

:iagree: That's why what stays in the teacher's room, stays in the teacher's room. I recall many a colleague whining about their lot over lunch. Thank God back then there was no internet or blogs. ;) LOL Just the "parking lot committee" of certain parents the school staff deemed as dysfunctional and steered clear of them. Oh my.

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