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Do you sign your letters

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I always sign from the both of us. If it is something that is only applicable to me, obviously I only put my name.


When I sign things with both of our names I put my dh name first and I always think gosh my name should be first because it is really from me. But I know that would not be proper "etiquette".

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My Miss Manners' book says the writer signs his/her name. So I just my name since I'm the one writing the note. I do mention dh's enjoyment of the gift if it was a together gift. If do not write thank you notes for dh.


Christmas or other holiday cards are signed from, "The Lastnames"

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I sign just from me because it feels more honest to me, since dh has trips with my family, doesn't write letters, and generally has no input, and wouldnt even know I was writing most of the time.

I am often the same with presents- I really check in with myself whether it feels more honest for me to just sign from me, or from the whole family, and it definitely varies per situation. SOmetimes if its someone that I have a close relationship with and have gone out of my way to buy a nice present (or write a letter), I will definitely sign just from me. But if its my MIL- a present will be from all of us, and I dont write letters but if I did, it would be from me.

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