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I'm SO proud of dd11


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I have posted about the battles with dd11. In December we had the be all end all of a battle. I found out that she was ignoring, essentially everything but math, so I laid down the law. We sat down laid out all the curriculum to be sure she finished it. We use a sort of virtual school, I wasn't tracking, and the school hadn't had any concerns.... so lesson learned.


WELL, she decided she'd rather work in the evening than watch tv.


Currently she has completed LA, her health, and is nearly done science(2 or 3 days) and her Social(about 5 or 6 days). That will leave math, bible, art and french!


I'm SO proud of her. Not only did she focus and get it done, she hasn't had anything graded lower than an 85%! So she is putting in a good effort as well.


So I have conferenced with dh, the school facilitator and she's starting some of her grade 7 courses! We will be working on Humanities(combo LA and SOcial) and health. I don't want to over do it for her. But this will give her a nice head start to next year.


Considering where we were 8 weeks ago! I'm so thrilled! Now I don't expect that this will be the pace always, but she did it! She's beyond caught up, she's nearly done!


For the record, our school year runs to the end of June, so there is no way she can do nothing for 4 months.


I'm very please.....:thumbup::thumbup:

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Do you think she was unmotivated because the work was too easy, and just busywork? Maybe it wasn't challenging enough to engage her - which makes sense if she was able to complete a grade's worth of work in 8 weeks. Maybe she'll do fine with the next grade, but maybe she'll need more challenging classes. That's awesome that she got herself together to get through all that work!

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It is based on the provincial curriculum, the topics that must be covered in a class room that unfortunately, have over 30 students, so there's a lot of time wasted. There is busy work too. But she put in some long hours. We were told that she may be able to move forward.


She did work through the holidays, and did a ton after supper, plus work during the day. I did tell her no free time until 2:30, since she'd wasted so much time. So she sucked it up and did it.


It was challenging initially. She learned about reading non fiction and making notes, a totally foreign concept. She learned about essay writing and a few other things that she didn't want to. Science wasn't much challenge, it was just doing it, the experiments. She just really applied herself, hard. She did leave the other things to the side though. No art, no fun stuff, just the core, and got it done.

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