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Math people-can you tell me if this exists?

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Is there a resource that assumes algebra knowlege that has unique, challenging problems that would be appropriate for dd to use with tutor? She has completed chapter 13 in Jacobs Elementary Algebra. I don't want a new math course, just something different for one session/week to challenge her a bit more. Jacobs has pretty much been a breeze for her, and she works completely independently with only the book. The upcoming AoPS Alg II session does not fit into our schedule:(.


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The Intro to Algebra book has a lot more than the typical algebra 1 course (in fact, only about the first 13 chapters are alg 1, the rest is alg 2).

We use the book only, without the online class. If she has a tutor, that should be no problem.

There are challenge problems for all the chapters; so even if she breezed through alg. 1, she will find some of the challenge problems (even for the stuff she already covered) really challenging.


And of course, the AoPS problem solving books are great,too.

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AOPS sounds good.


My ds does a little math team, where they work on math puzzles and sometimes math problems in an ACT-prep book (I think a little more content-specific than an SAT book?).


Some other things I have for potential opportunities:

- some Singapore NEM

- Critical Thinking Algebra Word Problems

- Calculus by and for Young People

- various drill problems, including some Key To as mentioned

- review sections from his previous Algebra I program



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