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Intro to Psychology

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My dd did psychology last year. We used Holt's Psychology Principles in Practice. It is designed for the high school psych. I found it at the used book store, with both the teacher and student books for $8.00, which is why I chose to use this one.;) I liked it, but I'm sure there are others out there, too. One a lot of people use for AP Psych is written by David Myers. I have that one, too, also a find at the used bookstore. But since she was only a freshman at the time, I used the Holt one. I haven't used the homeschool psych book but it looks good, and I have heard good things about it, too.



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My freshman dd (last year) did AP Psych with the Myers book. It's a college-level text but it was very solid and not at all outside her reading/comprehension level.


We also used Meyers. Intro to Psych isn't terribly difficult to understand and if the interest level is high, you may as well go for the meatier text.



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