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Mission Conference ideas


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decor....my ladies group at the church I grew up in sewed flags from many of the countries that were represented.


the last night we had an international dinner where we served food from different countries...(not stuff like Taco Bell, for Mexico. It was researched to find authentic tasty stuff )

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Ours is coming up in six weeks! Some ideas we use...


An International Dinner where we prepare dishes from around the world and those who want dress up in authentic dress.


Our Junior Church takes 4-5 weeks before the conference to study the countries the missionaries are coming from. We use Hero Tales and A Trip Around the World and they all make passports that they have signed by the missionaries the week of the conference.


This year we are taking up an offering for our Missionary Kids. They sometimes get overlooked in all the hoopla.


We are making up Welcome Baskets for each missionary family that is visiting with us.


One of our missionaries is specifically going into a field with children's ministries, during the preaching time, they take the kids back to do special mission themed activities/lessons each night.


Our song ideas came from this site...which has many other ideas as well



We also try to have our missionaries get to know the members of the congregation further. In one church, this was done by having a meal at the church every night before the conference. At another, this was done by having member sign up to have a missionary family over for dinner.



That's just what comes to mind right now. If I think of anything else, I'll come back.


ETA: We have flags representing the countries where are supported missionaries are too!

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