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xpost Naval Academy STEM camps

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Thank you for sharing this. My niece really wants to go to USNA, though with 3 grads from other academies as aunts/uncles we are all pushing different (cough**better**cough) options. ;) I know she'll love to apply for this. THANK YOU!!


There are some very cool programs at other academies. One of the facets of USNA that I usually point out to candidates is that if you aren't totally sure what you want to do in the service, I think that USNA offers an really wide variety, from aviation to ships to subs to civil engineering to US Marine Corps (which has a bunch of options itself).


But the best academy is the one that will get you a commission in the service that you are able to be passionate about. Because in the end, it isn't about getting into or even graduating from an academy. It's about a career of military service (no matter if that is 5 years or 30).

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