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which version of Robin Hood

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Guest Dulcimeramy

We love the Children's Classics version edited by G.C. Harvey and illustrated by Edwin John Prittie.


Here is a lovely edition on ebay for $13ppd.


I prefer this version for grammar stage children because it is easier to read than Pyle's but not dumbed down in any way. Good readers will be able to curl up with it and get lost in Sherwood without needing help with difficult passages.


My Grandpa owned this book, and my brothers and I all have purchased copies of it for our own children.


The vocabulary is rich, the dialogue is interesting, the artwork is gorgeous, the storylines are traditional, and there are many references to the old ballads that the child will recognize later in Pyle's Robin Hood.

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Guest Dulcimeramy
I suggested Pyle because the OP asked for a good read-aloud version. I would not suggest it for most 9 year olds to read on their own. Just to clarify.:001_smile:


I was also coming back to say that I didn't mean she should read Harvey's to her kids, it is an excellent read-aloud. I just meant that if one of the older ones wants to sneak off with it alone, he'll find it readable.




I've been at amazon just now, looking for the illustrated version of Howard Pyle's. I always thought there should be one, and didn't know it existed.

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