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finding a group in my area

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My oldest daughter has no friends that are her age and I'm not seeing it getting much better as she is not going off to school, and I'm not terribly social outside of my comfort zone to chat it up with a mom at swim lessons or what have you. I'd be fine with it, but she seems disappointed sometimes that we go to playgroup and my son has a friend, but not her.


How do I go about finding a homeschool-type group in my area (OKC)? I looked on meetup.com and there is a group there, but I KNOW there has to be more because OK is a very lenient HS state. Everywhere else I've looked online has a list of groups but then with an email to the coordinator. I've emailed a few, but they bounce back... There is no way of telling how old an email on a website is, y'know? :glare:

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